Remembering Amma Rose

Amma Rose at my farewell lunch in London

I first met Amma Rose on February 23, 2010. We were attendees at a conference for female led startups. I remember being super excited that the conference had a crèche and I had attended with my plus one, my baby daughter. In between popping back and forth to check on my baby I had the good fortune of sitting at the same table as Amma, her good friend Vanessa and a lovely lady named Cay.

Vanessa, Amma, Cay & I at the Women Mean Business Conference, February 23 2010

The four of us spent time chatting at our table in-between speakers and workshops and made the decision to keep in touch. From that chance encounter, the Twenty Ten Club was born. Amma’s positivity was infectious. She had a warm smile and an even warmer spirit. When we first met, Amma was channelling her creativity into her greeting card business, Amzie’s Design. She gave her wholehearted support and encouragement to all of the Twenty Ten Club ladies at every step and was always there, no matter what, to participate in our mentoring programmes and school events.

Amma Rose at the Twenty Ten Club’s teen mentoring evening at St Matthew Academy

Amma’s unwavering dedication to helping others led her to founding her own charity, An Evening with CKD, where, in her own words  “fundraising and creating awareness of chronic kidney disease is what I live for, it’s my purpose.” Amma never once complained to me about the daily difficulties she faced from coping with her own health issues. Instead, she just wanted to know how I was doing and was always focused on what she could do to help others. She was so strong and so positive it never occurred to me that things would be any other way. I was shocked to the core to learn the sad news of Amma’s passing last week. It’s hard to believe such an amazing woman is no longer with us. It’s not fair, but I’m so very thankful that I sat at her table on that Tuesday afternoon in February five years ago. Amma, you touched so many people. Your strength, kindness and positivity was, and always will be, an inspiration to me. – Octavia Goredema

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  1. Algar

    So sorry to hear about the passing of Amma. Your tribute to her is wonderful and kindly shares the inspiration Amma was to you and those whose lives she touched. The sense of purpose and selflessness of Amma clearly made a difference to many lives. I hope that brings some comfort in the pain of loss.


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