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Samantha Clarke
Zukuri UnLtd & Meet Your Niche

Samantha Clarke is the founder of Zukuri UnLtd, a ‘go-to’ online style community for female entrepreneurs and professionals keen to grow their own personal brands and signature styles organically and authentically for success.

An innovator, speaker and consultant, Samantha is also the founder of Meet Your Niche. Meet Your Niche is a consultancy helps companies leap-frog their understanding of a new or emerging market by connecting them to insights, ideas and people.

Samantha can also be found lecturing and holding workshops at The School of Life around topics on personal development, confidence building, creativity and personal branding.

Samantha was interviewed by the students of St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls as part of the Twenty Ten Club’s “Interview an Entrepreneur” school programme.

How did you become an entrepreneur? (Lucia, 13 years)
I found that despite the various job roles I did, I just didn’t fit into just one box, I wanted to do more and balance all my skills and expertise. So I decided to carve out my own niche and create a portfolio career and follow my passions.

Did your college education change your future hopes in anyway? (Lucia, 13 years)
My parents wanted me to do something serious so studying art at university wasn’t an option. I went into marketing and branding to working in digital communication, research and strategy whilst studying part time on my creative endeavours in footwear and fashion in the evenings.

To get where you are now what obstacles, if any, did you have to overcome? (Rebeca, 13 years)
I stood in my own way for a while. I did not believe I could do certain things and there was a lot of self-sabotage. It’s important to retrain your mind, keep visualising what you want and reinvesting in yourself and your business. Working for yourself is a massive personal growth journey. You have to let go of the fear and keep learning and trying.

Would you change anything about your job and if so what? (Niamh, 14 years)
Knowing that it’s important to take some time off and to look after yourself. Try to maintain balance and also get out and be inspired to stay energised in your business.

What advice would you give to a young person wanting to start their own business? (Nora, 13 years)
Don’t be afraid to fail. Lots of successful entrepreneurs have failed during their lives, do research, get a plan, and get active. The worst thing you can do is not start for fear of failure. Try and obtain as many work experiences or internships as this grows your character, hones your skill sets and you don’t know who you will meet along the way. Surround yourself with likeminded people, you are the sum of the people you spend the most time with.

What do you think being an entrepreneur has brought to your life? (Georgia, 14 years)
I have put together all of my separate skills, all the things I love and have moulded them together. I have created a vision and a portfolio career that plays to my strengths and my passions. Always follow your passion and what you love doing it will lead to success.

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