Meet Skincare Guru Clare Eluka

Clare Eluka
Premae Skincare

Clare Eluka is an award winning ethical beauty entrepreneur and formulator. A pioneering force in the contemporary health and wellbeing industry, Clare is the brains behind Premae Skincare, the world’s first allergen free beauty brand, launched on her 26th birthday.

The need for allergen-free cosmeceuticals were established first-hand by Clare due to he own personal struggle with Candida Albican – a wheat, dairy, sugar and gluten intolerance. Clare’s seven year research for a cure, led her on journeys around the world, investing in Chinese herbs and then to ayurvedic dietary rudiments all of which revealed one thing – the huge gap in the market for Allergen free skincare.

As the Entrepreneur Ambassador for the Ugandan Diaspora Bureau in Kampala, Clare works with local disadvantaged entrepreneurs to shape their business ideas into plans of action.

Clare is a Twenty Ten Club board member and was named educator of the year by Women 4Africa Awards in 2012 and one of Management Today’s prestigious 35 Women Under 35.

Clare was interviewed by the students of St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls as part of the Twenty Ten Club’s “Interview an Entrepreneur” school programme.

At 14 did you know what you wanted to do or where you wanted to be? (Lauren, 14 years)
I had a challenging home life that affected my schooling, causing me to rebel. I had a rap band with my two best friends and wanted to have a record label. My teachers pulled me to one side and told me not to waste my education as I was very bright.

I then decided to knuckle down and to work hard to get my GCSEs and that would then enable me to get the record label and migrate to the USA! You have to put 110% into everything that you do every day. You need to have courage and don’t be frightened to transfer your ideas and move on, it’s never too late.

What or who inspires you? (Anna, 17 years)
My younger sister Emma, she is very special and almost psychic. When I have times of self-doubt my sister is like a power house of energy. She has unwavering courage and a strong will and will give me a kick to encourage me.

In the world of business what has been your greatest obstacle so far? (Fransisca, 17 years)
Surround yourself with positive people. Clear out your clutter, like Facebook, and delete people who you are not in touch with or give you negativity. Get rid of all your negative influences and distractions.

Be confident and surround yourself with positivity and encouragement and have targets of what you want to achieve. Stay concentrated on positivity and be selfish in order to achieve it, say goodbye to negativity and drivel.

How do you manage your time? (Leah, 17 years)
I was doing too many jobs at once so I have now handed over some of my jobs. Hand over your baby – your business – it will be alright! Timetable your work into your day and have a cut off time.

What are your aspirations now and for the future? (Doyinsola, 16 years)
I am a newly qualified allergy practitioner, specialising in skin, nutritional and seasonal allergies. I aim to open mobile allergy clinics. To continue working with NGOs and to have my own farm where I can grow my own ingredients!

As a young woman in business what advice would you give? (Neka, 15 years)
Start from the top, having a good reputation and good quality is important. Research everything you need to know about your chosen field of business. Keep learning, things change every day. Be confident and calm, always do everything with style and elegance and give it your best.

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