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Ronke Lawal
RSL Management

Ronke Lawal is the founder of the PR and marketing agency RSL Management and Director of the Simone Williams fashion label. RSL Management services represent clients in many industries including the entertainment, fashion, lifestyle & beauty, food and luxury goods sectors.

Ronke became the Chief Executive of the Islington Chamber of Commerce in 2010 and became a non-executive director of The Hoxton Apprentice in 2011. She joined the board of Trustees of Voluntary Action Islington in 2012.

In 2011 Ronke Lawal was honoured to receive a Precious Award for Inspirational Leadership.

Ronke was interviewed by the students of St Philomena’s Catholic High School for Girls as part of the Twenty Ten Club’s “Interview an Entrepreneur” school programme.

At 14 did you know what you wanted to do or where you wanted to be? (Lauren, 14 years)
I had internal motivation to be a leader and my own boss. I knew that I wanted to assert my influence and aspired to do something that would make that happen.

Trust your inner confidence and be passionate about what you want to do. You may keep changing your mind about what you want to do and that is okay too.

What or who inspires you? (Anna, 17 years)
The first person who inspired me was a primary school teacher. I had been messing around in class, which was unusual for me and he pulled me to one side and he told me not to forget where I had come from and where I was going and not to be distracted by what was going on around me.

I would say learn how to inspire yourself and motivate yourself. Surround yourself with positive friends, speak to people and get to know them and make sure that you are genuine, it does not matter who they are.

How do you manage your time? (Leah, 17 years)
Focus your time. Do everything to the best of your ability in the time given for that specific task and only do what you need to do, don’t be distracted by smaller things.

How have you used your challenges to motivate you? (Charmaine, 15 years)
Study hard but always take time out and have a break.

In the world of business what has been your greatest obstacle so far? (Fransisca, 17 years)
Ourselves! We are our biggest obstacle. Follow your own path and don’t listen to anyone else. Your biggest obstacle is you unless you face your passions and dreams.

Remind yourself of your dreams and don’t forget to love yourself. Look after your health and spirituality. Treat yourself kindly and do what you enjoy. Get a work/life balance and always put yourself first.

What are your aspirations now and for the future? (Doyinsola, 16 years)
I am expanding my business into West Africa and the Middle East. I would like to be a CEO of another organization or charity that is public facing.

I am confident that women can have it all and so one day if I fall in love I will get married, start my family and have a successful business life!

As a young woman in business, what advice would you give? (Neka, 15 years)
Get a mentor or ask from advice from entrepreneurs. Be aware of what real life is going to be like. You will always have obstacles no matter what.

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