Interview an Entrepreneur school programme

Meet our guest editors from St Matthew Academy

The Twenty Ten Club’s school programme, enabling school students to interview Black female business role models, has recruited its next set of editors!

Honesty, Kia-Miami and Angela from St Matthew in Academy in Lewisham will take over the interview duties for the Twenty Ten Club starting next week.

St Matthew Academy is the country’s leading school for enterprise. Furthermore, it’s the only school to teach these vital life skills to children from when they start in the nursery at the age of 3 to when they leave at 16.

Recent Interview an Entrepreneur school programme participants include
Jessica Elliott of J’s Dance Factory & Dancing After School
Claudine Reid, MBE, of PJ’s Community Service
Eryca Freemantle, celebrity make-up artist

The next round of Interview an Entrepreneur profiles, conducted by St Matthew Academy’s team of students, will be unveiled starting Monday May 21.

Here’s an introduction to the students responsible for the forthcoming features:

Meet Honesty, age 12
“I’m in Year 7 at St Matthew Academy and I was born in East London.”

“I like music, singing and reading. I’ve got a bubbly personality and I like having fun. When I grow up I would like to be a child psychologist or work in behaviour analysis.”

Meet Kia-Miami, age 12
“I was born in London and I’m in Year 7 at St Matthew Academy. I lived in Manchester for two years and then we moved back to London.”

“I have two cats Cookie and Pudding. My favourite subjects are art, drama, dance and music. My hobbies are reading, crafts and all arts including drama.”

“When I grow up I would like to be a pediatrician, an artist or a make-up artist.”

Meet Angela, age 11
“I will be turning 12 in June and I’ve lived in London my whole life.”

“My favourite subjects are English, PE, art, dance and drama. My hobbies are music, drawing, dancing, cooking and photography”

“I would like to be an artist or fashion designer when I grow up.”

* * * *

You can read the exclusive entrepreneur interviews conducted by Honesty, Kia-Miami and Angela starting from Monday May 21.

For more information on the Interview an Entrepreneur school programme please contact the Twenty Ten Club office on 0207 193 4615 or email

For more information on St Matthew Academy visit

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