Introducing the Interview an Entrepreneur programme

Meet St Matthew Academy’s Press Gang

I’m thrilled to announce the start of the Twenty Ten Club’s brand new initiative, the Interview an Entrepreneur school programme.

Our new programme provides the opportunity for pupils of all ages to interview Black female business role models they admire.

St Matthew Academy's Press Gang receive their Twenty Ten Club certificates of achievement

St Matthew Academy in Lewisham is the first school to take part in the pilot and the Twenty Ten Club is currently inviting schools to apply for the 2011-2012 Interview an Entrepreneur programme.

St Matthew Academy is the country’s leading school for teaching enterprise skills. Furthermore, it’s the only school to teach these vital life skills to children from when they start in the nursery at the age of 3 to when they leave at 16.

I’d like to take a moment introduce St Matthew Academy’s year 6 students Kyra-Jade, Zoe, Kia-Miami, India-Rose, Jennifer and Candice. The girls have interviewed a Black female entrepreneur they admire for a special feature to be published here on our site on Monday July 11.

Candice, Zoe and Kyra-Jade from St Matthew Academy

Meet Kyra-Jade, age 11
“I was born in London in Lewisham hospital and my family is from Ghana and Nigeria which I am extremely proud of.

“My main hobby that I do every day is singing. If I didn’t sing for one whole day it would be a world record for me! My second favourite hobby is to dance. Sometimes I go a bit dancing crazy because it is energetic and fun.

“I play two instruments, the piano and the guitar. On the piano I have taken an exam which is called piano prep test so I am prepared for grade 1, 2 etc. I enjoy playing instruments and listening to music such as hip-hop and R&B.

“My first ambition is to become a fashion designer. I have always wanted to be one and would especially love to model my own designs. I also wouldn’t mind being a famous singer although, if I became one, I would crave for privacy after seeing how bad it is for people like Beyoncé and Britney Spears.”

Meet Zoe, age 11
“I was born in Trinidad and Tobago and in 2004 I came to England. I then moved to the amazing St Matthew Academy.

“I like swimming, singing, dancing and writing stories. My plans for the future are to be a chef, teacher, fashion designer or news reporter.”

Meet Kia-Miami, age 11
“I love singing, dancing and drama. I also like sports, especially trampolining. I like reading, I like making stuff and being random.

“My passion is to be a fashion goddess and my ambition is to be a money maker – a doctor, an accountant, a celebrity or a vet.”

India-Rose, Jennifer and Kia-Miami from St Matthew Academy

Meet India-Rose, age 10
“I love singing and dancing. I also love fashion and music is my passion. I love my drama classes and I absolutely love reading.

“My ambition is to be a famous actress or singer because as I said before, I love my drama classes and I love singing – it is my passion in life along with music.”

Meet Jennifer, age 11
“I love singing and playing sports, for example football which I play every Monday. I have one brother and one sister.

“I love fashion and I love music because it inspires me. Being random is what I do. I really want to learn guitar and keyboard, I know the basics but I really want to play professionally.

“My ambitions are to be a singer and inspire people with my music.”

Meet Candice, age 10
“I personally would describe myself as an achiever as I don’t give up on my dreams. I also have recently designed myself a flattering red dress and a few ties. I have a passion for fashion.

“Singing has to be my greatest talent. When I sing I enter a whole new world which makes me happy. I extremely adore Justin Bieber despite the fact others may disagree. I play the guitar and I will be entering a grade I exam later on in the year. One of my ambitions in life is to become a successful fashion designer.”

You can read the special entrepreneur interview conducted by Kyra-Jade, Zoe, Kia-Miami, India-Rose, Jennifer and Candice here on our website from Monday July 11.

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For more information on the Interview an Entrepreneur school programme please contact the Twenty Ten Club office on 0207 193 4615 or email

For more information on St Matthew Academy visit

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This post was authored by Octavia Goredema, founder of the Twenty Ten Club.

The Twenty Ten Club is an award-winning networking organisation designed to connect, inspire and support Black female entrepreneurs. You can also find Twenty Ten Club on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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