Meet Samantha-Jane

Owner & Designer

Fabryan is a luxury fashion label specialising in ready-to-wear and bespoke collections for women.

Founded by Samantha-Jane in September 2010, the company employs a team of two in Kingston upon Thames.

Fabryan’s new autumn/winter 2011 collection launches at London Fashion Week later this month.

What’s the story behind your brand name?
The name Fabryan was coined by my best friend, Sua. It sounded unique and stylish.

Why did you decide to start your company?
I gave a lot of thought to the idea of branching out into fashion. One day I decided I was going to go ahead, and I did it.

What was your career path prior to starting your first business?
I’d dabbled with web design and graphic design but my heart was always more into fashion design.

Did you always know that you would become an entrepreneur?
Yes, I have never liked working for someone else. I started my first web design business when I finished college.

How was your latest collection conceived?
The new autumn/winter 2011 collection launches at London Fashion Week this month. There you can expect to see a striking combination of urban glamour, with delicate, deluxe fabrics finished with leather bindings, with extra detail given to ruffles, rouching and the gathering of material.

The FABRYAN signature prints will play a pivotal role in this collection too, helping to further distinguish each style and offering a real wow factor. Key pieces to watch in the new collection are the fabulous Vixen and Sheffy dresses along with the full sequin Luciana dress and Ashley fur coat.

What are you working on at the moment and can you describe your typical working day?
My day varies from day to day. Today I am very busy planning London Fashion Week event; I have a meeting with my PR agent to discuss promotion and the guest list for the show.

I am also preparing for the spring fashion show in Manchester next week where Fabryan will be showing our spring/summer 2011 collection in a catwalk show. I have lots of emails to respond to, my working day will end at 11pm today. I love what I do.

What have been the highlights of running your own business?
The buzz of seeing my designs go from ideas in my head to the catwalk.

What is the hardest part of running your own business?
You take the bad days and all the stress alone.

What has been your proudest business moment so far?
I think the best is yet to come, but I guess seeing my collection in a retail shop has been the proudest moment I’ve had so far.

What, or who, inspires and motivates you?
My mother is a big inspiration for me. She ran a successful fashion company, she is a very strong, hardworking woman and inspires me each day to be successful

What advice would you give to someone who is considering starting a fashion business?
Planning is crucial and giving yourself enough time.

Fast forward five years, where do you think Fabryan will be in 2016?
In 2016, by the grace of God, I hope that Fabryan will have a flagship store, collections worn by women all over the world and Fabryan will be a well known brand.

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For more information on Fabryan visit You can also find Fabryan on Twitter and Facebook.

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Samantha-Jane was interviewed by Octavia Goredema, founder of the Twenty Ten Club.

The Twenty Ten Club is an award-winning networking organisation for Black female entrepreneurs. You can also find Twenty Ten Club on Twitter and Facebook.

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